Gujarati Medium

Gujarati Medium School Message

It's a matter of great pleasure to be a part of the school striving for the all-round development of students, which is a very well-recognized institution since 1952-53 contributing in the field of education from the initial time of Indian independence. In addition to huge successes in the fields of sports and cultural activities, the school has been persistently achieving 100% result in SSC and HSC board examinations for last many many years. Moreover, every year the school celebrates 'Rasotsava' and 'Ramatotsava' for providing an opportunity to its students to sharpen the edges of their versatile skills by having an in-house healthy competition amongst them.

The well-learned and experienced staff always tries to facilitate the students in the school in such a way that all the experiences they get during their study become lifelong blissful and jovial remembrances. We feel pride and a great joy of job-satisfaction when a number of former students having highly successful career and enriched inclination towards arts and culture come back to school for courtesy visits and assign all the credits for their enrichment to the visions of the school, the staff and the trustees.

(Dr A N Mehta, Principal High School)

Ours is an elementary educational institution which has been striving for all round development of students for more than half a century. I humbly feel proud to be a part of such a leading institution in education field. All our staff teachers and I firmly believe in the concept that positive attitude and appreciation of students' efforts can accelerate their progress. Felicitating the students activities with utmost care is our commitment and achievement. We take a lot of care for developing virtues like self discipline, honestly, compassion, sportsman's spirit, love for truth, hard work, regularity and brotherhood in our students.

(Mr B R Patel, Principal Primary School)